Standard Playing Cards, Non-Standard Coins: Hearts


The Four Aces Coin Set is a stunning representation of not only the suit of hearts, but all four suits in the standard card deck. However, each suit in the series – and in a deck of cards — stands out with its own symbolism. Over the next four days we will cover each suit.  Today it’s Hearts.

The hearts are often identified as the first suit in a standard card deck.  Originally it is said that the Hearts represented the Church, the holy men and was symbolic of virtue.  Today we associate Hearts with growing up in a home with a family and love and represent youth and childhood. In these early years of your life, you learn how to develop relationships and how to love. It is said that as you mature, the ways in which you learn to love mature as well, especially as you seek the perfect relationship and love.

Just think of the legendary physical and spiritual relationship between Aros and Pysche.

If the hearts in a deck of cards best represents you, it is likely that you have the enviable child-like qualities of wonder, excitement and youthfulness, even in your later years. You will be the grandparent who rides on the carousel with your grandchildren rather than watching from nearby.

Of course, it is this suit of cards that houses the visual and performing arts. Writers, poets, musicians, painters and sculptors are said to belong to the house of hearts. If you find yourself relating to the hearts, it may be that you have an inclination toward the arts, but you likely also have the heart of a teacher or a counselor and enjoy working with people.

Those with an affinity for the hearts are emotional and seek harmony. They offer not only deep compassion for others but also incredible potential. It makes sense then, that the suit of hearts also symbolizes knowledge, love, imagination and bliss.

In Tarot decks, the hearts, known as cups, represent the heart and soul (quite literally) of your emotions. The cups hold the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This is a feminine suit that controls the heart and symbolizes the element of water. Hearts are depicted with a vibrant red colour that connects to the high energy that resonates with this sign.

Hearts are the second highest-ranking card suit, following only spades.

The Aces are the luckiest of all the cards, and the hearts bring that luck to love and family.

You may enjoy owning the Ace of Hearts as part of the coin collection Four Aces – the Ultimate Good Fortune that includes four rectangular coins of pure silver, minted to proof quality and colourised to reflect the colours associated with a standard deck of cards.

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