Standard Playing Cards, Non-Standard Coins: Spades


In the Four Aces Coin Set, you’ll find good reason to enjoy each of the suits of cards and their respective qualities. The proof-like quality as well as the intricate design and colourisation on each coin are only part of the intrigue brought to you by these four coins. In addition, each card suit in the set represents a unique symbolism that is part of any standard deck of cards.

The Ace of Spades tops them all.

Originally thought to represent the Knights, Spades are considered the highest-rankest suit in a standard deck of cards.  They represent winter and the wisdom that comes about from experiencing all four seasons. After all, those who experience all the seasons of life are often the wisest. Because of this wisdom, people who are associated with the card suit of spades appear to have great reserves of confidence.

If you find yourself aligned with the spades suit, you may enjoy work, and you may also possibly be a workaholic. Many people identified as spades in the card deck of life work in communications, construction, and medicine – all careers involving considerable time and effort.

This is a masculine suit in the standard deck of cards, and it is aligned with the element of air and the zodiac signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The spades symbolize great strength and willpower, as well as courage and fortitude.

In a Tarot deck of cards, spades are intellectual beings that go about solving problems with an analytical mind. They can be intuitive and temperate judges who should be careful in how their thoughts influence their actions. The two halves of the spade or sword may also symbolize dichotomous thinking patterns such as abstract and concrete, intuitive and analytical, positive and negative. Because they speak with such confidence, many others will take as truth what those aligned to the house of spades say.

Just as the suit of hearts is associated with childhood, spades have been connected to old age, death and rebirth. However, just because you relate to the suit of spades does not mean that you are old; it may mean that you may have an “old soul.” It’s a great quality to have if you work in the health industry or the spirituality field.

The Ace of Spades has been used in both World War II and the Vietnam War by U.S. soldiers as tokens of good luck.

Maybe the Ace of Spades is lucky. The Ace of Spades is the highest card in a deck of fifty-two playing cards, and it may become one of your favourite aces when you add the Four Aces – the Ultimate Good Fortune coin set to your coin collection. All four coins in this set are minted in pure silver and presented in a display case.

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