Standard Cards, non-standard Coins: Diamonds


Continuing our discussion on the Card Suits, today we look at Diamonds!

The Four Aces silver coin set is a remarkable presentation of the highest cards in a standard deck of cards. Here you will discover exquisite designs on the reverse sides of each coin, colourised and minted to proof quality. Each coin’s design is as unique as the symbolism behind it, and the suit of diamonds is no different.

The diamond suit symbolizes the third season of the year, Autumn. It is at this time of the year that earlier hard work pays off as a harvest. The suit of diamonds is one of acquisition. Although acquisition may refer to material objects, those who are associated with the house of diamonds also have acquired considerable respect. In fact, even as children they insist on respect, and they do not like to be bossed around.

People who are diamonds may be great benefactors for their families, communities and beyond. Those who take an negative approach to acquiring material wealth may be just the opposite; there is no doubt that Scrooge inevitably fell into this latter category until he was convinced to change his ways. Then he became a benevolent diamond with the energy and courage for which this suit of cards is known.

So where do the diamonds in the world work? Look in banking, commerce and even politics. These are the careers most often associated with this suit in the card deck. It’s where those who relate to the suit of diamonds are able to determine, create and assign value to the world at large.

The signs of the zodiac most closely related to the suit of diamonds are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, and this suit represents the element of earth.

According to the Tarot, it is the diamonds, or pentacles, that relate most closely to the physical world. However, when looking deeper, you may see that this suit of cards also symbolizes responsibility, faith, and charity. Those who are represented by the suit of diamonds may be some of the most grounded and practical people you know. These dedicated and determined individuals may well deserve your respect.

The suit of diamonds represents abundance, and the Ace of Diamonds represents the ultimate abundance.

Whether you believe that diamonds are forever, or that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, you can be assured that the Ace of Diamonds is one of four stunning coins in the Four Aces – the Ultimate Good Fortune silver coin set. You may enjoy seeing all four coins – and especially the Ace of Diamonds – glistening brightly from their presentation case.

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