Standard Cards, Non-Standard Coins: Clubs


Completing our look at the four card suits, today we check out the Clubs.

Where else but the Four Aces silver coin set could you find such remarkable renditions of the most favoured cards in the deck? Not only are the aces in this silver coin set minted to proof quality, but they also are designed to be excellent representations of each of the suits found in a deck of cards.

Like the hearts, spades and diamonds, the clubs may well offer insight into personality traits.

The suit of clubs in a standard deck of cards is said to symbolize the second stage of life. It is here that most learning takes place. This is the academic, or schooling period, or your life, and it has been assigned the season of summer – perfect for long hours of learning and growing.

Those who are most closely associated with the suit of clubs seek truth, enjoy learning and thrive on creativity, whether painting or cooking or building a business.

If you are associated with the suit of clubs, you tend to be an excellent written and verbal communicator who loves to inform and instruct, and you may also tend to enjoy being a professional student because you are always seeking new learning. In fact, you also may agree with Michaelangelo when he said “ancora impara” – I am always learning.

If you’re thinking this describes you or someone you know, then you or that person might work in education, law, or writing. Careers in these fields suit clubs perfectly.

The suit of clubs represents ingenuity, progress, perpetual learning, and enthusiasm. This suit inspires new beginnings and dynamic growth, not only for yourself, but for others as well.

The zodiac identifies those aligned with the card suit of clubs as people born in the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These fire signs are known for their passion and creativity, as well as their ability to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

In a deck of Tarot cards, the clubs are known as wands, and it is these individuals who facilitate the work of others. Clubs also spark intuition and creativity, helping ideas rise from the depths of subconsciousness and become an action item.

The Ace of Clubs in particular symbolizes curiosity and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

As part of the Four Aces – the Ultimate Good Fortune silver coin set, the Ace of Clubs completes the set, giving you four of a kind. These are not just any four of a kind. They are the aces, one for each suit in the standard deck of cards.

Like the Ace of Clubs, each coin bears an intricate design that has been selectively coloured. All four coins bring you 124.4g of pure silver, making this set the ultimate addition to your silver coin collection.

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